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Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Osoyoos – Canada’s warmest welcome is the motto – and with good reason.   The Sonoran Desert reaches all the way from Mexico in the south to Osoyoos and the southern edge of Skaha Lake in the north.  Average summer temperatures hover around 38 degrees Celsius and typical for a desert, cool down to about 16 degrees at night.  Osoyoos is also home to Canada’s warmest freshwater lake and receives over 2000 hours of sunshine annually – combine that with less than 12 inches of rain and it is no wonder the area teems with swimmers and boats.

Vegetation is that of a desert where it hasn’t been irrigated – the sagebrush is home to scorpions and rattlesnakes as well, so if you are walking, watch your step or stay to designated pathways.  It is also part of the Okanagan Valley wine industry with approximately 20 wineries between Okanagan Falls and Osoyoos.

Elevation & Distances

Elevation:  Midway  581 metres     Rock Creek  603 metres     Westbridge   633 metres     Beaverdell   790 metres     Idabel Lake   1225 metres     Myra Station  1258 metres   Ruth Station 1244 metres      Chute Lake 1236 metres     Penticton  375 metres      Osoyoos   278 metres

Penticton to Osoyoos:  58 km
Osoyoos to Rock Creek:  48 km
Osoyoos to Midway:  68 km


There is a good variety of accommodation in Osoyoos including camping, motels, B&B’s and a winery resort. Visit the Osoyoos Information Site to find your selection for budget and type and more information about the area. There are one or two good grocery stores in Osoyoos – visit the Food & Refreshment page for location.

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