About the Lakes

This highland lakes area is home to an abundance of wildlife including moose, black bear, deer, coyotes, otters, beavers and loons.  Idabel and McCulloch (also known as Hyrdaulic) Lakes are just two of about 9 main lakes, many of which are popular for fishing.

There are cottage rentals and camping in this area, however some places do require a minimum 2 night stay, especially during the peak summer months of July & August.

Be sure you have all your own supplies before arriving at Idabel or McCulloch Lake.

Elevation & Distances

  • Elevation:  Midway  581 metres
  • Rock Creek  603 metres
  • Westbridge   633 metres
  • Beaverdell   790 metres
  • Idabel Lake   1225 metres
  • Idabel Lake to Beaverdell:  53 km
  • Idabel Lake to Myra Canyon/Kelowna turnoff:  18 km

Kettle Valley Rail Trail


Idabel Lake Resort
800 Idabel Lake Road
Kelowna, BC

McCulloch Hydraulic Forest Recreation Site

Website:  Hydraulic Lakes Forestry Area

Sites/Rates:  48 unserviced sites $12/site

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