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Welcome to Greenwood and the Columbia & Western Rail Trail!

Greenwood is proud be Canada’s smallest incorporated city! once a thriving center, the population of Greenwood has dwindled to about 600.  It has some beautiful heritage buildings and great cafes – it is definitely worth a visit while you are in this region for its colourful history and just a walk about town.  It was the location for the film Snow Falling on Cedars.

East of Midway and Mile 0 of the KVR, lies another whole trail of experiences!  The Columbia & Western ends in Midway and stretches 160 km east to Castlegar.

The first stop along this section is Greenwood and although the trail runs along just outside the main street, by turning off and exploring this city you step into what could only be described as a colourful experience!  From the outburst of colour of the innumerable hanging baskets, Greenwood pronounces its colourful past with a burst of blues, greens, yellows and reds.  Take the time to stroll the streets, visit the museum and soak up some of the stories of Canada’s smallest incorporated city.

Once home to thousands of miners and their families, Greenwood began to boom in the late 1800’s.  It housed one of the world’s largest producers of copper and a short walk down the nature trail off the bike path will lead you into a whole other world of slag heaps, crumbling tunnels and foundations and a massive brick stack.

One of the mines was called the Motherlode and just outside a town named Deadwood was formed – although it only ever reached a population of 100, there is now Deadwood Junction, just on the west side of town and well worth a visit for their fabulous local arts, food and coffees.


Greenwood has motel and B&B accommodation. Check out the Greenwood City website for more information on local businesses.

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