The Kettle Valley Rail Trail – A Great Adventure

Situated in central southern British Columbia, this converted railway to trail way traverses some of Canada’s warmest climates through spectacular mountain and valley scenery.  With a maximum 2.2% grade, the trail can be cycled or hiked by most with just a little preparation.  We invite you to explore this site to gain a good idea of the terrain and what to expect along the way.

kettlevalley rail trailThe Kettle Valley Rail Trail extends from Midway in the east to Brodie in the west, with spurs connecting to Grand Forks east of Midway, Merritt north of Brodie and to Hope south of Brodie.  There is also a spur route from the middle of the trail in Penticton to Osoyoos in the south.  This site focuses on the Carmi Subdivision which runs from Midway to Penticton and also includes the spur routes to Grand Forks and Osoyoos.  For a much great challenge,  a loop route from Midway to Midway can be cycled – this includes a final day road cycling from Osoyoos to Midway and includes the arduous climb up Anarchist Mountain before descending to Midway.

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